As an example, showing you one of our client’s site where they created whole affiliate program navigation system, and used our integration option to do that. If you can see underneath they integrated the signup form into their website instead of using our linked signup page. They did this because they wanted to use the whole sign up experience integrated within their site. We have this potential as well for you within the program and you can do that by following simple steps below.

Step 1

First login to your Admin control panel and click "Campaigns"

Step 2

And on click "Manage Marketing Tools" then "Add Social Share Widget"

Step 3

At this page scroll down and you will see Other Integration Options Under that click on the link says "Learn More"

Step 4

And you will be on next page where it says Integrate with Website, down there you will see different optional buttons First Click at "integrated Affiliate Sign Up page with my Web Site"

Step 5.

It will take you to the next step at Manage Sign Up form Pages where you need to click on "Create New Form"

Step 6.

Now you need to Fill up all essential fields and Click "Add"

Step 7.

After Adding you will Get a snippet of Code which will look like this and you can simply integrate it into any page of your website.

Step 8.

And to  generate the code for the affiliate login option you need to Go back to Manage Marketing Tools and Select "Add social Share Widget" and then click on "Learn More" Link. 

Step 9.

For now you need to select "Integrate Login Page with My Website" and with rest of the processes remains the same.

After Clicking Add button you will again get snippet of code for your login page, which you can easily integrate to your website.