OSI Affiliate Software gives you the aptitude to set up affiliate programs to pay your affiliates a percentage of sale total or a fixed amount, as well as a custom reward that you decide based on the sales they refer. You could grant your affiliates any kind of reward you want. It could be a gift card, a unique gift, or really anything you choose.

To create a custom reward program please follow the instructions below:


1. First Log in to your Affiliate Admin area


2. Log in to your admin dashboard and click on Referral Programs.


3. On the Manage Campaign Section, click the "Add " button.


4. Add the details of your program and then select the second Program option that says, "I want to reward my users with something other than money."


5.  Click  "Continue" to the next page.

6. On this page please click Manage Rewards Section.

7. On this page now you will see "Manage Rewards". Click this link as shown below.


6.  On the "Manage Rewards" page, click the "Add New Reward" button at the top which will take you to the page shown below. On this page fill in all the fields shown.  Include the Reward name, the number of leads required, the description, and a reward image.

7. Once you have added the reward details the system will automatically keep track of the referred leads from the affiliates and once they hit the number of leads required for the reward, the affiliates will earn the reward and will see the details of the reward they earned in their user area under the "My Commission" section.