Omnistar Affiliate Software allows you to set up a multi-tier referral program. With our software you can generate up to two tiers. This will allow your affiliates to sign up other affiliates under them so that they can earn a commission from the referred sales of those people under them.

For you to get multi-tier functionality enabled for your account, first you need to request this through our support department by emailing them at After our support department responds back to you and confirms that the multi tier functionality is available, you should follow the steps below.

To get started. From your admin dashboard go to Referral Programs and then manage.

Step 2. Click on +Add button.

Step 3. Fill out mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*).on "How would you like to pay your users, If your want to pay your affiliates with money", you can either select a percentage of the sale or a flat rate or If you want to pay your affiliates something other than money You will be able to specify precisely how you will pay your users after you complete the next page. 

4. At this page Scroll down and select "Yes" next to the question "Do you want to setup multi-tier commission:?"

5. And After setup commission amount for tier 2, which could be Percentage of the order total or a fixed amount. Click to continue.

6. After Completing the settings on the next page click Finish.

And when you are dealt with this setup, your affiliates would have access to a link on their dashboard, that will take them to an interface page where they can have people get particulars about your program and sign up under them. Details on how to access this referral link will be described later in this article. Before fully launching the whole thing, we advise that you tailor this interface page with the specifics about your program. To tailor this interface page, follow these steps below:

1. Now Login to your administrative control panel.

2. Click the Setup and then Settings

3. Clicking on Settings Go to  "Show advance settings" link below.


4. Here you will see the option, "Allow users to Recruit Other Users"  Check that Option. And put Header Text and Main Text of your own choice.

 5. Now Go back to Dashboard and Click at Users-> Manage Users

6. To check multi tier option is enabled in the affiliates dashboard go to Manage Users -> View Users and click Edit User.

 At User page you will see the link against Update User " Login as User" Click there to make sure Option enabled.

After completing these steps, your multi-tier program will be enabled and all set for affiliates to have other affiliates sign up under them.