This article and video will help you take create a Shopify Drop Down Menu.

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Okay let’s start. Here is a video that you can watch along with detailed instructions.

Adding a drop-down menu in your menu is a smart thing to do because it would be easier for your customers to go straight to what they’re looking for. It also makes your Shopify store more organized, so continue reading below to Learn how to do it right. Heads up, It’s quick and easy.


When you view your store, you see your main menu. By default what you see is “Home” and “Catalog”.  But what you didn’t know is that you can add another menu and even add a drop down menu. Both would be beneficial to your store so let me help you create them.

To start, go to online store then navigation. In here you would see your Menus; Footer menu and Main menu. Main menu is the one found on top and by default consists of Home and Catalog. The Footer menu is found at the very bottom which by default contains search. What I’ll be showing you first is how to create a sub menu or a drop down menu. On the upper right of your screen click on “Add menu”.

Now, let say we’ll be putting the sub menu/ drop down menu under “Catalog”. So what you do next is Put Catalog as the title and make sure the handle is also catalog. Now add what you want to put under catalog in Menu items, fill up whatever is needed. When you’re done, don’t forget to save it.

Now when you go back to navigation you would see that a new menu has been added. Now let’s create another menu to stay beside Home and Catalog on the main menu. 

Now, click on main Menu, under main menu add what you want to add on “Add menu item”. For this example I named it Drop Down. Again, don’t forget to click save.

Would you believe that we’re already done? Yes! It’s that fast and easy. Now go to your shop to check it out. As you can see in the image below, From Home and Catalog, Drop Down has already been added. Aside from that, there’s already a sub menu under Catalog. 


Adding a Shopify drop down menu is as easy as 1,2,3, and could be done quickly as long as you already have an idea on what to add. And even if it’s really easy to do, it can make your store look better and well-organized.