Normally the landing page for your affiliate program that your affiliates are referring people to is your website home page, conversely, we also give you the aptitude for your affiliates to link with any page of your site which could be a precise product or category page or any page of your web site. This is known as deep linking. To set this up, please follow the directions below:

Step 1. Under setup page click "Settings -> Show Advance settings".

Step 2: Click to Check at  " Allow Deep-Linking" and Update.

Step 3:  Now Go back to your Dashboard and click the "Users" button and then "Manage Users".

Step 4:  Go To Manage Users and Click User to Edit.

5: Now Click The link "Login as User"

Step 6:  On the Affiliate Dashboard, click the Create link to a specific page, add the page/product link and click Add Link.

Step 7. Affiliates can copy the link and share it with their friends. 

This is all your affiliates need to do in order to deep-link to any page of your site.